Joseph Primmer

Joseph has had a love for technology from a young age. His interest in electronics and fascination with the world around him drove him to make, take apart, and teach himself things pertaining to technology and science. He jumpstarted his passion for electronics and computer science when, for a 5th grade science project, he decided to prototype a binary adder (a critical component of calculators and CPUs) from discrete electronic components such as transistors and resistors. This exposed him to concepts such as computer logic and some basic principles of programming. He began self-teaching himself programming in middle school using languages such as BASIC, C, and Python on platforms such as the TI-83 calculator, BASIC Stamp, Arduino, and Raspberry-Pi. However, Joseph craved more than what he could self-teach himself, so he took classes such as robotics and animation in middle school and urged his parents to sign him up for summer camps teaching children programming and robotics. In late middle school Joseph helped lead a FIRST Lego league robotics team to 1st place in performance on a local level. Joseph took computer science throughout high school and has competed and led teams in competitions and hackathons such as the University of Maryland High School Programming Contest, MIT’s Zero Robotics, UMD’s Bitcamp Hackathon, and Cornell's Big Red Hacks Hackathon. Joseph currently studies electrical and computer engineering and computer science at Cornell University where he has done research and participated in the CUAir project team. Aside from his technological endeavors and side projects, Joseph also plays guitar and enjoys video editing and running. This site is a catalog of Joseph's side projects.