Computational Complexity in a Nutshell - A math project run amok

Start Date:

April 2017

Completion Date:

May 2017

Languages & Technologies Used:

Paint,, Windows Live Movie Maker, YouTube, Python (yes, I actually did use Python)


Computational Complexity in a Nutshell is a video that gives a brief (and somewhat humorous) overview of computational complexity and related topics (P vs NP, ML & AI, Big O, etc).


Our final project for Math (senior year of high school) was to make/give a presentation on a Math topic unrelated to calculus. This seemed kind of boring to me… so I settled on attempting to make a humorous video explaining computational complexity instead! (Although this is technically a school project, I went far beyond what was required. I think this video earns a spot on my side projects website given the amount of time and effort that went into making it!)

Development & Challenges:

Halfway through drawing up the frames for my video I realized I was using the wrong aspect ratio!! However, instead of going back and editing 50 or so frames by hand, I decided to write a Python script to fix each of the images for me.


Of course, my drawings in the video were quite awful, and sometimes the timing of certain parts were a little off.