Extirswipe - An iOS game

Start Date:

October 2015

Completion Date:

January 2016

Languages & Technologies Used:

Swift, iOS


Extirswipe is a speed based matching game on iOS where you have a limited amount of time to match objects of certain categories (shapes, colors, or numbers).


I was simply messing around with Xcode to see what I could do with it. One thing led to another, and a few months later, I had a game. (And I learned how to code in Swift along the way).

Development & Challenges:

Developing Extirswipe was particularly challenging because Swift was the first language I taught myself that had significantly different syntax than Java. Instead of taking an online course in Swift or going through a tutorial, I decided to dive right in to coding and simply research anything I didn’t know. I feel like this was a much more rewarding experience than if I had just taken an online Swift course instead.


As an app, this had many shortcomings. First of all, since I was using this as more of a way to teach myself a new programming language rather than actually developing a coherent game, I wasn’t following any particular design plan. This lead to an array of problems such as the game being too difficult to intuitively understand how to play, and for the game itself to lack elements that would make it interesting enough for a user to keep coming back to play more.


On the App Store the App is listed under my Dad's name because I was a minor at the time I released the App.

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